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MCI JH-16 Repair Hours

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Repair stopped due to discovery of 24 track heads on 16 track machine - Essentially you'd be using 2/3 of the width of the tape while using the deck, thus paying for 2" tape but only using a portion of it. Probably not worth the expense. 

The following is recommended for a healthy machine:

  • Replace 24 track heads with 16 track head
  • All new relays
  • hardwire any molex connectors, and replace wire to have better access under the hood (not sure why this is so short...)
  • Check all trim pots - most likely should be replaced.
  • recap electrolytic caps on both audio cards (essential) and the power supply (not essential, but good practice to have a proper running deck)
  • replace all (not just the red ones) IC sockets (these are known to be problematic).

There will most likely be other issues that arise with further testing, but the above would be the best plan moving forward for professional use.