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Zoom - MRT3 - Micro Rhythm Trak - Drum Machine - USED

Zoom - MRT3 - Micro Rhythm Trak - Drum Machine - USED

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The MRT-3 Micro RhythmTrak is a stand-alone drum machine, featuring seven velocity sensitive drum pads, and almost two hundred drum and percussion sounds. Its simple design and intuitive layout allows it to be mastered straightaway, even by someone who is new to drum sequencing.

In addition to a wide variety of pre-programmed patterns, the MRT-3 allows the user to create and store their own patterns and songs. Additionally, up to fourteen of the internal sounds can be chosen to create new drum kits, with adjustments available for level, tuning and panning. The pads themselves are internally lit, thus allowing the user to follow the rhythm visually during song playback or when using a pattern.

The MRT-3 can be powered with four "AA" batteries (not included) or with an optional power supply. This allows for drum programming on the go, whether travelling, commuting or away from home. A MIDI In port allows use with an external MIDI sequencer or other devices.

The MRT-3 links to the new MRS-4 4 track, sending its output to the MRS-4's auxiliary input and is synchronized through the MIDI clock, acting like a built in drum machine.

  • Sophisticated rhythm machine incorporates 199 realistic drum and percussion sounds in a compact body
  • 396 preset patterns contain a wide variety of preprogrammed rhythms. 99 additional patterns can be programmed and stored by the user
  • Songs can be created with up to 99 patterns. 99 songs can be stored for immediate use at any time
  • Internally lit pads let the user follow the rhythm pattern visually during song playback or when using a pattern
  • Up to 14 sounds can be chosen from the built-in drum and percussion sources, and then level, tuning, and panning individually adjusted
  • Tap tempo input function
  • Can be powered from 4 "AA" batteries
  • Includes power supply and assignable footswitch